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Make 2015 Your Most Prosperous Year Ever- in One Easy Step!

I am so excited to share with you a whole new way of thinking about money! If you’ve ever wished you had all the financial resources you need to make your dreams and goals happen, our good friends’ new book is perfect for you! Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng have created an engaging, life-changing and…get this… actually fun book on money. Building on the power of visualization, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality is 100% focused on how you can use money to make your biggest dreams and life goals happen. We really think you’ll love it!

If you order now (before January 17th), you’ll be putting out even more good energy because the authors will donate an extra book to a woman in need and donate 60% of overall profits to charity! Order now at

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What if dealing with your money, your investments, and your financial future was as easy and natural as breathing? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to always make financial decisions calmly and with great confidence? And, what if you could actually have fun in the process?

There’s a new approach that I’m so excited to share with you and a fantastic book to show you who to use it. It draws on the latest psychological studies and brain research that lets you look at your money through a new lens—a lens that makes managing your money easier and can bring you better results.

My friend Ellen Rogin and her co-author Lisa Kueng have a fantastic, life-changing and get this… actually fun book on money that will help you do all that and more. I really think you’ll love it! It’s called Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.

Ellen is an experienced and very successful financial advisor, but more importantly, understands the right-brain, intuitive side of managing finances along with the all the left-brain stuff. That’s why I can truly call their approach and book, “fun!”

Their book shows you easy ways to create a powerful financial plan to meet your most important life goals – whether those goals are retirement, sending your kids to college, starting a business, traveling to exotic places, or making a difference in the world. And, you’ll be given the tools to actually make your plan happen.

Order you book now and get instant access to some fabulous extra bonuses!

Picture Your Prosperity is based on a workshop that’s been done with thousands of women, so I know it works! So much of life is about how we look at things, and Picture Your Prosperity invites you to look at money not as a project that needs to be managed but as an incredible tool– a way to get closer to living the best version of life possible– and to help other people do the same thing.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to create your very own personal “Prosperity Picture.” You’ll have everything you need right in the book to start this right away
  • How to turn your plan into a reality and actually achieve the goals you set
  • Smart money moves that almost anyone should put into action
  • How to be financially resilient no matter what’s happening in the world or the economy
  • How to use your money as a way to make a huge difference and draw prosperity to you at the same time.

Buy One and They’ll Give One to a Woman in Need

Do something great for yourself and for someone else at the same time … When you pre-order your copy of Picture Your Prosperity (before January 17th) the authors will also donate a book to a woman in need AND donate 60% of the profits to women focused charities.

PLUS, you’ll get the “Prosperity Picture Toolkit” as a special thank you gift!

For anyone who orders the book, you’ll also get a special bonus: Prosperity Picture Toolkit (a $197 value) which includes:

  • 5 Powerful Guided Meditations on building wealth and financial security
  • The Most Important Steps for Your Financial Future – Ellen’s conversation with Debra Poneman and Marci Shimoff
  • The Kids and Prosperity: How to Raise Money Smart Children special report

Don’t wait to get started building your prosperity. Order now by clicking here and receive your special gift while helping another woman.

There is no better time to be building your prosperity. I strongly recommend you order this book. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]

P.S. Did you catch the part about how this book is actually fun? That’s right a money book that will make you laugh and make you prosperous!

P.S.S. Join me in growing wealth and making a difference for others. Order now and get the Prosperity Tool Kit and a book will be donated in your honor. Order today:


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Just bought my copy of a new book my friend Ellen Shayman Rogin wrote about reaching financial goals with less stress written for women who are looking for an extra shot of inspiration- inspiration to optimize their personal finances, and inspiration to use money as a tool to optimize their lives. And get this – it’s a fun read!
Curious if you are ready for prosperity in 2015? Take this 4 minute quiz and find out!
When you get your copy of Picture Your Prosperity you’ll not only have an awesome book, but you’ll also get a bonus report on Raising Money Smart Kids. AND when you get your book the authors (my friend Ellen Rogin is one of them) will send a book to a woman in need. What a win, win, win!
I’m not the only one who’s excited about this new book on creating prosperity by my friends Ellen Shayman Rogin and Lisa Kueng. Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality is getting big attention from the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Worth, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution! Grab your copy:
So excited for my friend Ellen Shayman Rogin on getting a review of her book in the New York Times! I know why – this is great personal finance book that is practical, inspiration and fun. That’s right … fun!