Picture Your Prosperity

Everyone has a unique vision of a prosperous and secure future. What’s yours?

If someone asked you to describe prosperity and security, what would you see in your mind’s eye? Is it finally taking that trip to Paris? A beautiful beach house? Or simply the joy of making your final mortgage payment and staying right where you are? In your vision are you captaining a sailboat? Hiking through a redwood forest? Or simply sitting on a veranda enjoying a mimosa? Read more

“You have the ability right now to create the most amazing, prosperous life AND make a positive difference… But how do you do it?”

Learn how now when you pre-order your copy of “Picture Your Prosperity” and we’ll also give a book away to a woman in need – on us. Plus, you’ll get our special bonus: Prosperity Picture Toolkit (a $197 value) which includes 5 Powerful Guided Meditations:

  1. Create Your Prosperity Picture (from Chapter One)
  2. Exploring Your Money Beliefs (from Chapter Four)
  3. Money Security Visualization (from Chapter Six)
  4. Prosperity Flow Meditation
  5. From Vision to Reality Meditation

You’ll also get our special report: Kids and Prosperity: How to Raise Money Smart Children, and an exclusive interview on mp3: The Most Important Steps for Your Financial Future – Ellen’s conversation with transformational leaders, Debra Poneman and Marci Shimoff.